Venus Rubbers is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Roller to the Printing, Steel Plant, Metal Processing, Plastics, Paper, Textile Industries, Food Processing, Office Automation Equipment (Dot Matrix Printer/Photocopiers).

Roller Core Fabrication

The performance of a Rubber Roller depends on the rigid Construction, minimal roll deflection and balancing of the roll shell. The pipe is usually, Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Plastic in a pipe or solid form. Steel or Alloy Steel is predominantly used on end shafts or Journals and Flanges. The welding, press or shrink fitting method is used depending on the working condition of the Rubber Roller.

Grooving on the metal shell, degreasing, grit blasting /linishing are done on shells to ensure good bonding. Repair services of rolls include - Journal Welding and new bearing fitment, Static and Dynamic roll balancing services available.

Cover Compound and Roller Size

High quality compounds in Nitrile, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon, EPDM and speciality compounds like High release Silicone and Nitrile PVC are available. Industrial Roller is coated by two methods - automatic strip building and calendared sheet. Rubber covering capacities up to 1500 mm in diameter and 7000 mm long. Vulcanising is done on SCADA controller Autoclaves.

Paper Industry Roller

The Paper Industry Rubber Roller is primarily used in the Dewatering, Sizing, Drying and Calendaring processes. A Wide range of Rollers, in a full range of hardness, are used to meet Chemical Resistance, High Temperatures, coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance requirements of the Papermaking Process.

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Rubber Rollers For Paper Industry
Rubber Rollers For Textile Industry

Textile Processing Roller

The Textile Industry utilizes Rubber Rollers in a range of hardness (45A – 100A) designed to squeeze water and or chemicals out of substrate/fabrics that are being manufactured. Nitrile, Natural Rubber, EPDM, CSM, XNBR, and HNBR are the common elastomers used in the manufacturing of Rubber Roller, specifically for Textile Processing.

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Thermal Lamination Roller

We manufacturer high performance Roller for Thermal Laminating Machines, exhibiting excellent heat resistance and release. HNBR, Silicone and heat resistant nitrile polymers are the core materials producing the Rubber Roller.

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Thermal Lamination Rollers
Rollers For Printing Industry

Printing Industry Roller

We manufacture chemical resistant Rubber Roller to eliminate the chances of hardening and shrinking roller problems that generate during the process. The Printing Rubber Roller is featured with less heat buildup and hardness stability. Nitrile - PVC, Nitrile, EPDM and silicone are the common Rubber Materials used in the manufacturing of Rollers.

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