Rubber Moulded Ice Hockey Pucks
  • Venus Rubbers are proud manufacturers of Ice Hockey Pucks for almost 15 years.
  • The Ice Hockey pucks are made using vulcanized rubber and high quality raw materials guaranteeing a consistent, safe and interesting play.
  • The Pucks have a remarkable smooth and flat texture on both sides providing straight, accurate shots and quick passes the minute the hockey stick touches the puck.
  • Comes with the correct hardness that ensures a perfect swing.
  • Tested for durability and resilience, packed in 100 per case.
  • Hockey Rink or Pond Hockey Friendly and can be used for professional matches, training purposes or a friendly game.
  • The Ice Hockey Pucks from Venus Rubbers have a major advantage of comparatively less rubber smell.


Details Soft Puck Lightweight Puck Standard Puck Heavy weight Puck
Size3" diameter x 1" thick 3" diameter x 1" thick3" diameter x 1" thick 3" diameter x 1" thick
Weight110- 120 g (4 oz)110- 120 g (4 oz)156-175 g (6 oz)283 g (10 oz)

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