Paper Industry Rollers

We are the manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Rollers for the Paper Industry, holding well-renowned paper companies as happy customers. Rollers are one of the primary resources equipped with infrastructure. Unlike other products, paper is most commonly stored in rolls. Every stage of production and processing significantly depends on the Rubber Rollers.

The malfunction or breakdown delays productivity and the desired capacity. Starting from the inner core to the outer surface, we choose the highest-grade materials to manufacture Rubber Rollers with the defined technical properties withstanding stress/strain, load, and other requirements. Our products are manufactured to deploy their functionality across various working temperatures. The materials preferred on the outer surface resist the chemical reaction. It is very common for material to undergo expansion and contraction under different conditions that are applied at stages.

The Paper Mill Rubber Rollers we manufacture are within tolerances. Therefore, our product allows our customers to produce paper of the defined structural dimension without exceeding the tolerance limit. The tensile strength of the roller is ensured through stringent quality testing methods. The load-bearing capacity and working pressure are estimated to be needed to design and manufacture a rubber roller. Every component assembled in a Paper Industry Rubber Roller is precisely engineered to perfection for easy installation and maintenance.

Types of Rolls Manufactured

  • Wire and Felt Rollers
  • Lump Breaker Rolls
  • Couch Rolls
  • Drive Rolls
  • Press Rolls,
    Centre Press Rolls
  • Suction Press &
    Blind Drilled Rolls
  • Size Press Rolls
  • Coater Backing Rolls

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