Progressive cavity pump stator from Venus Rubber is highly suitable to handle tough working environments. The stator we manufacture enhances the best cavity pump operations for displacing highly viscous, abrasive and chemically corrosive substances. Natural, Nitrile, EPDM, FKM, Hypalon and High nitrile are the common rubbers used in manufacturing a PC Pump stator. Industries like food processing, starch, paper, sugar, paint, wine, plastering, oil and wastewater highly prefer industrial stator for a continuous displacement operation.
Venus Rubber produces small, medium, and large sized stators for progressive pumps. We place importance on the critical dimensional tolerances for the stators we produce. This is assured by our own lab, in which the compound and final products are tested.

Our Elastomeric stators for Progressing Cavity Pumps are used in the following industries

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